Every Child Can!

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“Suzuki 101.”¬†Every Child Can! is a course created by the Suzuki Association of the Americas. It covers the Suzuki educational philosophy and its application to music learning for parents and teachers. Our instructor is Daphne Hughes, a Suzuki teacher for over 35 years, who is familiar with the unique strengths and challenges of our rural Kootenay communities. The course is ideal as a refresher or introduction to the Suzuki approach and will discuss the roles and relationships of students, parents and teachers.

To encourage parents and teachers to continue their strong support the Suzuki Valhalla Institute, and to provide a strong incentive to local parents to take part in this course, Valhalla Fine Arts is providing a generous tuition subsidy to anyone from the region who has in the past, or expects to in the future, helped out with any aspect of SVI.

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