The Valhalla Fine Arts Society has a hard-working board of volunteer directors. Directors are elected for rotating three-year terms. The Society’s Annual General Meeting is typically held in late November.

Current board members include: Valerie Piercey-Wilson, Katrina Sumrall, Theresa Tremaine, Miranda Hughes, John Kadz, Kelly Coubrough and Katherine Dickerson.

Past board members include: Terry Taylor, Kevin Heshedahl, Kay Costley-White, Barbara Yeomans, Lori Langford, Rick Tegeler, Heather Huether, David MacMillan, Rhonda Bouillet, Larry Sloan, Lee Hammond, Lori Bradish, Maimie de Silva, Jim Duggan and Alex Nichol.

Organizational Structure of the Valhalla Fine Arts Society

The Board of Directors, in conjunction with Administrator Ellen Kinsel, oversees the organizational work of the artistic directors and organizers of various summer programs. The board also approves budgets for all programs and directly administers concerts, programs and events that occur outside of the summer months.