About Valhalla Fine Arts

The organization that would eventually become the Vahalla Fine Arts (VFA) Society first took shape in 1999 when Heather Huether and John Kadz launched the Valhalla Summer School of Music. In the years that followed other summer programs were added under the Society's umbrella. Now, almost two decades later, the Society oversees numerous programs and initiatives in support of the arts in the Slocan Lake area.


"The Valhalla Fine Arts Society aspires to nurture artistic ability in people of all ages by providing programs that contribute to the cultural and economic enhancement of the local area in a supportive, non-competitive, community-based environment in which all can strive for excellence."

What we do

Summer Camps for Children & Youth

We offer several week-long performing-arts focused camps for children and youth: ViSTA (theatre), Peak Dance and Experience Dance, Music Explorers (introductory music for ages 4-6), VSSM (traditional instrumental music instruction for strings, piano and woodwinds), SVI (string instruction based on the Suzuki approach) and a Cello Symposium.

Summer Music Programs for Adults

The String Orchestra Retreat for Adults (SOAR) gives adult amateur string players a place to play together and enhance their skills and experience. The new Vox Valhalla program is designed for college-age and adult singers interested in developing their technique and musicianship in both choral and solo settings.

Support for youth music lessons

VFA runs a music lesson bursary fund to support needy families in providing their children with the opportunity to study vocal or instrumental music with private teachers. The Society also supports the affordability of music lessons by helping defray the cost of travel and studio rental for teachers serving local children.

Enhancement of school music programs

VFA enjoys an excellent relationship with School District 10 and benefits from a Joint Use Agreement at Lucerne School during both the summer and throughout the school year. The Society sees itself as a partner in the arts education of children in our community, and as such supports curricular and extra-curricular arts education at the school. In 2017-18 VFA is supporting the after school dance program, the school choir program and two weeks of percussion workshopping with Darren Salyn.

Equipment and instruments for the Community

VFA has made a number of capital purchases of items that are available for use by groups and individuals within the community. The Holly Wiseman Memorial C7 Yamaha grand piano which resides at Silverton Memorial Hall is the most prized of these assets. The Society also owns two sets of portable staging, upright and digital pianos, a set of solid music stands and a set of lovely musicians’ performance chairs.

Concert presentations

Faculty, students and alumni put on numerous engaging and high quality performances throughout the summer. VFA also presents occasional concerts during the remainder of the year; we have featured performers like Jane Siberry, Allison Girvan and the Corazón Vocal Ensemble.

Local economic enhancement

VFA summer programs provide an impressive trickle-down benefit to the local economy, but the organization also works proactively to support local businesses. The annual VFA “Your Town Raffle” has a unique format whereby VFA raises funds through raffle proceeds and prizes are in the form of vouchers that put money directly into the cash registers of local businesses. The Society also supports the local economy by hiring, purchasing and contracting locally as much as possible and collaborating with local businesses on special events.

The Board

The 2018 Board of Directors is comprised of:

  • Katrina Sumrall, President (Silverton, BC)
  • Kelly Coubrough, Vice-president (New Denver, BC)
  • Katharine Dickerson, Treasurer (Rosebery, BC)
  • Miranda Hughes, Secretary (New Denver, BC)
  • Theresa Tremaine, Director (Silverton, BC)
  • Valerie Piercey-Wilson, Director (New Denver, BC)
  • John Kadz, Director (Hills, BC)