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Make a program selection below based on the following:

  • Main Program Books 1-3 ($395): Consists of 4 hours of core classes from Monday to Friday inclusive. Additional activities such as play-ins, recitals and social events are also scheduled. Students share their daily Master Class hour with 3 other students.
  • Main Program Books 4+ ($420): Students at this level share their daily Master Class with 2 other students. Program is otherwise similar to the Main Program for Books 1-3.
  • The Mini-Institute ($225): Program consists of 2 hours a day of core classes and is otherwise similar to the Main Program for Books 1-3. It is intended primarily for the younger siblings of fully-enrolled students who may not have the stamina or attention span for the full program.
  • Advanced Chamber Music Program ($550):The program begins Friday evening, 2 days earlier than the main institute. It includes a weekend of intensive chamber rehearsals, 5 hours of core classes from Monday through Friday of the main institute week, and additional performances. It is intended for advanced students with considerable previous chamber music experience who are looking for a more intensive program and are capable of some self-direction. Please inform your teacher that they will be contacted by email to fill out a recommendation form. Acceptance is selective and contingent upon instrumentation. IF THIS IS YOU HAVE NOT PARTICIPATED IN THE ACM PREVIOUSLY, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL ACCEPTANCE IS CONFIRMED BEFORE PAYING FEES.

Make a Reading Level selection based on the following (sight reading samples can be found here) :

  • Pre-reading: not yet sight-reading on instrument
  • Beginning: simple rhythms in simple keys
  • Intermediate: variety of rhythms and keys
  • Advanced: complex rhythms, beyond 3rd position
Reading Level:*
Orchestral/Chamber Music Experience:*
For violin applicants to the Advanced Chamber Music Program, your willingness to play viola in one or two of the week's ensembles favours your own acceptance into ACM and enables the program to be larger and better balanced musically. Please comment on your availability as a part-time violist (e.g., previous experience, willingness to learn, access to an instrument, personal interest, personal obstacles, etc.).


Fill out this part of the registration form only once per family.

Our family needs...
Reserved creekside camping space in Silverton: $130 for the week for regular program or $150 for ACM

Buffet-style lunches are available for pre-order. Fresh, wholesome and with vegetarian options; these have been a hit in the past.

If you want lunches every day, order 5 lunches for each person. Child-sized lunches are for kids under 12. If your child will be 12 years old or older, please order adult lunches for him/her.

You will receive meal tickets for the number of lunches you order with your registration.

Total # Child Meals: $6.50 per meal (for example: 2 children eating lunch all 5 days = 10)
Total # Adult Meals: $8.50 per meal (for example: 1 adult + 2 children over 12 = 3 people eating lunch all 5 days = 15)
100% cotton T-shirts are available for pre-order only.
Tshirts (indicate number required of each size): $18 each
Toddler: Youth Sm: Youth Med: Youth Lg:
Adult Sm: Adult Med: Adult Lg: Adult XLg: Adult XXLg:
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